Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poetry Out Loud presentations!

Period 1

Lyssa City of Sleep Henya Beautiful Wreckage
Ricky It Couldn't Be Done Zachareah Love Lives Beyond the Tomb
Gabriel After Working for 60 Hours Dariana Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter
Mikalah Stopping By Woods Thomas Chord
Brandell Arrow and the Song Wilson Discrimination
Shadea ??? Vivian Arrow and the Song
Abraham Invictus Gabriel After Working for 60 Hours
Richard Across the Bay Jeanette Self Help
Aislinn My Papa's Waltz Kevin Silence
Elaina Arrow and the Song Mauricio A Farmer Remembers Lincoln
Nisa I'm  a Fool to Love You Dayshon Invictus
Dwonya Caged Bird Virginia April Midnight
Adele Pied Beauty
Justin Saturday's Child
Joel ???

Period 3
Thursday Friday
Lukasz Hunger Moon Angel The Waking
Elsy Waving Goodbye Juleen When I was Fair and Young
Nina The Obligation to Be Happy Grabiela ???
Laucilene At the Vietnam Memorial Ana Let it be Forgotten
Jolie The Blues Don't Change Cassandra The Legend
Edward In a Dark Time Angela Abandoned Farmhouse
My Nguyen Experience Isamar 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
Keena April Love Jaedah Domestic Situation
Ethan If Mama Could See Jacques Lazy
Aaliyah Deliberate Theyana All this and More
Jonathan Hope is the thing with Feathers Emmanuel After Working 60 Hours
Lucy Beginning Cristian The War in the Air
Isaiah Caged Bird
Tiarra Enough
Duy Four Portraits of Fire

Period 4
Thursday Friday
Nicolas A Poison Tree Valeria Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
Braxton I Am Jalen Days Gone By
Monica ??? Emily The Cities Inside Us
Vangjel They Flee From Me Kianna The Enpty Dance Shoes
Nhon Plaint in a Major Key Steven What to Say Upon Being Asked to be Friends
Nicolas A Poison Tree Jason Not Guilty
Cristiano When I Consider Victoria The Bad Old Days
Brian Lazy Diem My Winter Remembered
Aaija Alone Fong Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter
Eric The Road Not Taken Amanda I, Too
Molly ??? Ford The Uniform
Carlos April Midnight Stephanie The Road Not Taken
Vanessa The Kiss Yunling Two Guitars
Brian The Man He Killed Jehry Solitude
Kevin Corn Maze
Monica ???

Period 5
Thursday Friday
Jonathan Eating Poetry Jocelyn Self Portrait
Stevelyn Saturday's Child Karen A Thank You Note
Megan ??? Stephen The Waking
John We Wear the Mask Julia The World is Too Much With Us
Tamia I am the People, the Mob Steven Their Bodies
Allison The End of the World Alexa Sanctuary
Eric April Love Linh Be Music, Night
Holly Broken Promises Wendy Enough
Samantha ??? Jessica Spring
Nickson I Felt a Funeral in my Brain
Vicky My Grandmother's Love Letters

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