Thursday, May 5, 2016

Homework 5/5: Othello Soliloquy/Google Drive for Film Memoirs/Reviews

A huge thanks to the students who have been working as the Editorial Board for our Film Memoir/Review Book Project!

Lots of you have not placed your review/memoir in the Google Drive folder. Do it now.

Othello's Soliloquy
1) Read the Play
Act 3 Scene 3 Line 227
Act 3 Scene 3 Lines 257-276
Shmoop summary
No fear

2) Read the Acting
Cork Shakespeare

Sea View Playwrights

3) follow the echo...
a: Search "nature" on the MIT Shakespeare site

b: write down 3 echoes of "nature"

The Line
Who said?
Said to whom?
And yet nature erring from itself

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