Monday, January 24, 2011

Homework 1/24

Will we have a full, 5-day week of school?

In any event, here are the assignments for tomorrow:

Holocaust Video:

Winter Break Foil Essay
1/28          upload to, 50% is formatting (margins, spacing, font)

Vocabulary Power Plus Quiz
1/28          Lesson 2

Poetry Out Loud
-poem #2 is OPTIONAL
-students who wish to participate in the school competition will have an after school recitation on Tuesday, February 15

Night Reading
1/25          Section 2 & 3
1/27          Section 4
1/28          Section 5
1/31          End of the book

Research Paper
1/24         Signed parent letter
1/25         Brainstorm sheet
or, here are the questions:
-Two favorite pieces of literature this year?     
-Two favorite topics this year?      
-Research Paper topic from last year (ELA and History)?      
-What were two major difficulties with the Research Paper from last year?      
-What is a topic you are passionate about, or a topic that you often think about, something that is interesting to you?

1/25         Two posts (book or film posts)

Culture Vulture 
2/18         Proposal
2/28         Response, proof

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