Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Classwork 1/27

Welcome to another solid day with the Chromebooks!

Be sure that your seating location facilitates quality work. Be the "master of your fate" and move away from distractions.

Tomorrow, we will have a OB ELA 10 Writing Prompt. No need to study, just be ready to read and write. It will count for 3rd Term grades.

Research Hints
1) More of you need to get the Bloom Guides from BPL. And OB might even have one or two, check with Ms. Ichord.

2) step up your research game with these two databases: JSTOR (library card required) and Gale Literature Resource Center (no card needed)

Writing Hints
1) In constructing the (R)eader section of the paper, use the outline on the back of the sheet from Monday AND this handy-dandy MEAL paragraph outline.

2) You DO NOT need an introduction or conclusion for this page.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Class Work 1/26

By the conclusion of the period, you must accomplish the following tasks:
1) identify TWO thematic topics from your novel (front side of the Guideline handout)
2) identify TWO direct quotes from critical readers that connect with your topics (Reader Section handout)

No library card?
Thanks to Mr. Marotta for this helpful link that gives you access to the Gale Virtual Reference Library and Contemporary Literary Criticism databases. *you will still need to use the BPL site/card for JSTOR (for higher level sources)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Evernote! BPL Online Research! Thesis!

Here is our first day looking at the ELA 10 Research Paper, and three tasks to accomplish:

1) Topic/Question for the Research Paper
What is the theme of the novel?

2) Evernote
   a: clip online articles
   b: take active reading notes
   c: assemble works cited page

3) BPL online research database
   a: Gale Virtual Reference Library: Novels for Students
   b: JSTOR
   c: Bloom's Guides

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Classwork 1/12

Welcome back to the 826 Writers' Room. We have three tasks today:

1) record your ROAR/Research Paper novel here

2) outline your Film Review using the back of your January calendar, focusing on the 4 imperative verbs we looked at yesterday

3) conference with Mr. Doreian about your ROAR notes

BONUS: check Aspen to see if you have a 0 or INC for the revised Culture Vulture. You must use 3rd person (newspaper style) and MLA formatting (something researched) to receive credit 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Since I've been gone...

Some quick wrap-up items:

1) Culture Vulture revised response INC
-check that you have MLA formatting (cover page +works cited) and used 3rd person (no I)
-revise and submit to under revised assignment (9a)

2) Grades?
-let's chat on Monday when I get back


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Film Review

In January we are starting our book project with 826 Boston. The theme? Film!

Our initial reading of TKAM and PoL films will be expanded as we compose film reviews. Partnering with Write the World, we will take part in their January Writing Prompt and hold a Film Critic Panel.

While the film review due date is 1/19 for our class, you can also submit your review early to be professionally edited by Write the World!

The instructions are at our Write the World group, and here is some important info:
Best Entry: $100 (winning piece + author interview will be featured on Write the World’s website and blog)  
Runner up: $50  
Best Peer Review: $50 (reviewer interview will be featured on Write the World’s website and blog)  

What’s Different about Write the World Competitions?  
Prizes: The winning entrant will receive $100, and the runner-up and best peer-reviewer will receive $50.  
Professional Recognition: The winning entry, plus the runner-up and best peer review, will be featured on our blog, with commentary from our guest judge.  
Expert Review: Submit your draft by Monday January 11th and get feedback from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals.  
Key Dates   
January 4: Competition Opens  
January 11: Submit draft for Expert Review (optional)  
January 14: Reviews returned to Writers  
January 19: Final Submissions  
January 29: Winners Announced   

New York Film Academy, Glossary
Mockingjay Part 2, REVIEWS
Interview: Costume Designer, The Great Gatsby
Interview: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg
Interview: The Art of Screenwriting
Interview: Lupita Nyong