Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/13 Classwork (edits, end of term)

It's official. End of Term 3. Plan accordingly

End of Term
1) DEADLINE- April 25
2) Culture Vulture proposal- April 13
3) Printed film memoir/review for classwork- April 14
4) Writing Prompt #3- April 15

*Turnitin.com Note* to receive credit for LATE submissions, you must print out your "Portfolio Page" and highlight the work you have completed LATE

Film Review/Memoir Edits
1) review past publishing projects for story title & first line ideas
2) incorporate comments from editing sheets and 826 tutors
5) Submit film memoir OR film review to Google Drive by April 15. Add the folder to your drive, then move the file

Friday, April 8, 2016

4/8 Classwork (upload memoir, culture vulture

Such amazing conversations on finding the "beauty and truth" in your film memoirs, and let us have many more of them today!
*Special Note: our memoirs have unpacked some very raw and painful emotions. If you are struggling with the stuff of your memoir, please speak with me, your parents, your councilor, someone.

Film Memoir
1) continue to look back at our Film Memoir exemplars (stories A-H) for ways of incorporating movies into a passage that shares something about your life

2) read through past ELA 10 book projects for how to write a solid story title, opening sentence, finding resolution at the end without a closing "moral"

3) upload to Turnitin.com. That originality % should be under 3%, unless you wrote basic sentences or plagiarized

Culture Vulture
1) you already know, or if you have forgotten...

Two Culture Vulture exemplars!



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/6 Classwork (flesh out film memoirs)

Today, you are either deep into your film memoir with a clear idea of how a film reveals who you are OR you have no idea what you are writing about. Time to get to work.

Film Memoir
-If you have a strong start, check with Mr. Doreian on the direction of your memoir.

-If you have not started writing, chart out ideas using the 17 film categories and our handout from yesterday

ROAR #2 (today)
Vocab Quiz #14 (Thursday)
Culture Vulture newspaper article (Friday)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4/5 Classwork (jump start film memoir ideas)

-Our brainstorming is too plodding with plotting and style.
-We just need to have synapses firing!
-You are picking ONE moment to write about, and maybe listing out movies will help.
-Try writing some opening lines/paragraph, then switch to a different film

Brainstorm Films
1) most watched in 3rd grade
2) 1st visit to Blockbuster/West Coast/ect. Video
3) snack selection at Lowes
4) new technology (VHS, DVD, IMAX, 3D, 4D)
5) couldn't sleep for a week afterwards
6) a date that went well/poorly
7) awkward moment with parents
8) subtitles
9) the sleepover film(s)
10) something used at school (naughty bits, substitute teacher films)
11) the worst depiction of high school in a movie
12) before you were able to speak English
13) laughed so hard the soda sprayed from your nostrils 
14) multiple boxes of tissues required for all your tears
15) well, that ruined my favorite book
16) bootleg bought at the laundromat 
17) in Portugal, there's an intermission at the movies

ROAR #2 (tomorrow)
Vocab Quiz #14 (Thursday)
Culture Vulture newspaper article (Friday)

Friday, April 1, 2016

4/1 Classwork (uploading film review)

Have your film review uploaded today! We start on the film memoir stories on Monday. If you didn't show me your printed review yesterday, do it ASAP.

Film Review Edits
1) take out the labels from yesterday

2) double check formatting
  • film titles in italics, no special stuff for your title
  • full justification (no indents)
  • 12pt, Times New Roman
  • double space
3) check your Originality Score on Turnitin.com. Any % above 5% is suspect, and will earn a ZERO for plagiarism. If you used IMDB/Wikipedia for research, you must be sure that all the character/director info is in your own syntax/diction. Any plot description that is similar to website material must be discarded from your review. *NOTE (this does not include when Turnitin.com finds matches with your own review from January) *NOTE 2 (revise, and re-upload before 8pm)

4) Have a good title, one that hints at THEME. This title MUST give direction to the review; ALL sentences/paragraphs should be connected to the title/theme.

5) cut all cliché. No empty phrases (amazing film), boring descriptions (edge of my seat), or vague praise (good acting)

6) due date changed to 8pm. Sorry that the 826 Lab doesn't have enough computing power