Friday, April 8, 2016

4/8 Classwork (upload memoir, culture vulture

Such amazing conversations on finding the "beauty and truth" in your film memoirs, and let us have many more of them today!
*Special Note: our memoirs have unpacked some very raw and painful emotions. If you are struggling with the stuff of your memoir, please speak with me, your parents, your councilor, someone.

Film Memoir
1) continue to look back at our Film Memoir exemplars (stories A-H) for ways of incorporating movies into a passage that shares something about your life

2) read through past ELA 10 book projects for how to write a solid story title, opening sentence, finding resolution at the end without a closing "moral"

3) upload to That originality % should be under 3%, unless you wrote basic sentences or plagiarized

Culture Vulture
1) you already know, or if you have forgotten...

Two Culture Vulture exemplars!



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