Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4/5 Classwork (jump start film memoir ideas)

-Our brainstorming is too plodding with plotting and style.
-We just need to have synapses firing!
-You are picking ONE moment to write about, and maybe listing out movies will help.
-Try writing some opening lines/paragraph, then switch to a different film

Brainstorm Films
1) most watched in 3rd grade
2) 1st visit to Blockbuster/West Coast/ect. Video
3) snack selection at Lowes
4) new technology (VHS, DVD, IMAX, 3D, 4D)
5) couldn't sleep for a week afterwards
6) a date that went well/poorly
7) awkward moment with parents
8) subtitles
9) the sleepover film(s)
10) something used at school (naughty bits, substitute teacher films)
11) the worst depiction of high school in a movie
12) before you were able to speak English
13) laughed so hard the soda sprayed from your nostrils 
14) multiple boxes of tissues required for all your tears
15) well, that ruined my favorite book
16) bootleg bought at the laundromat 
17) in Portugal, there's an intermission at the movies

ROAR #2 (tomorrow)
Vocab Quiz #14 (Thursday)
Culture Vulture newspaper article (Friday)

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