Friday, April 1, 2016

4/1 Classwork (uploading film review)

Have your film review uploaded today! We start on the film memoir stories on Monday. If you didn't show me your printed review yesterday, do it ASAP.

Film Review Edits
1) take out the labels from yesterday

2) double check formatting
  • film titles in italics, no special stuff for your title
  • full justification (no indents)
  • 12pt, Times New Roman
  • double space
3) check your Originality Score on Any % above 5% is suspect, and will earn a ZERO for plagiarism. If you used IMDB/Wikipedia for research, you must be sure that all the character/director info is in your own syntax/diction. Any plot description that is similar to website material must be discarded from your review. *NOTE (this does not include when finds matches with your own review from January) *NOTE 2 (revise, and re-upload before 8pm)

4) Have a good title, one that hints at THEME. This title MUST give direction to the review; ALL sentences/paragraphs should be connected to the title/theme.

5) cut all cliché. No empty phrases (amazing film), boring descriptions (edge of my seat), or vague praise (good acting)

6) due date changed to 8pm. Sorry that the 826 Lab doesn't have enough computing power

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