Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Classwork 1/27

Welcome to another solid day with the Chromebooks!

Be sure that your seating location facilitates quality work. Be the "master of your fate" and move away from distractions.

Tomorrow, we will have a OB ELA 10 Writing Prompt. No need to study, just be ready to read and write. It will count for 3rd Term grades.

Research Hints
1) More of you need to get the Bloom Guides from BPL. And OB might even have one or two, check with Ms. Ichord.

2) step up your research game with these two databases: JSTOR (library card required) and Gale Literature Resource Center (no card needed)

Writing Hints
1) In constructing the (R)eader section of the paper, use the outline on the back of the sheet from Monday AND this handy-dandy MEAL paragraph outline.

2) You DO NOT need an introduction or conclusion for this page.

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