Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Long Composition Prompt Contest

Here are your entries to the competition. Students with the closest guess will earn a non-school lunch of their choice.

In literature as in life...

-character trait that helps overcome obstacles
-struggle with honesty
-change of mind
-character that inspires others
-fidelity in a character
-coming of age
-character matuaration
-dual narrative voice [this one will NOT be the question :)]
-foil character
-character that prevents the protagonist from reaching their goals
-emotional journey
-secondary character that affects the main character
-perseverance through difficult situations
-struggles with a new environment
-importance of setting
-symbolic object
-friend to the protagonist
-character makes a drastic change
-downfall that leads to success
-struggle with society
-difficult decision
-coping with guilt
-courage in a character
-moral dilema
-struggles with assimilation
-mood of the story
-racial discrimination

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