Tuesday, December 20, 2011

in rememberance pt.2

Another death this week was Christopher Hitchens, an essayist whose work appeared all through out magazines and websites on topics related to politics, religion, and literature. Hitch was a thoughtful writer, and one who loved to pick a fight. He was staunch in his opinions, never backing down, never settling for the "proper" position. I admired his conversational tone, a welcoming voice that encouraged the reader to sit and ponder awhile whatever topic happened to present itself.

Here's a piece from last January, where Hitchens instructs his American audience (he was an Englishman) on the finer points of making tea:
Tea is a herb (or an herb if you insist) that has been thoroughly dried. In order for it to release its innate qualities, it requires to be infused. And an infusion, by definition, needs the water to be boiling when it hits the tea. Grasp only this, and you hold the root of the matter.

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