Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sample ROAR S/Q/R notes

Here is a strong set of S/Q/R notes from last year:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (2003)

This is a story about a coward, a coward named Amir. The Kite Runner takes place in Afghanistan around 1975, and an older narrator is looking back when he was "became a man." Amir was young and spent most of his time with his servant, Hassan, who was also his secret best friend. Hassan was considered part of the family; a son to Baba (Amir's father), and Amir finds out 20 some years later that Hassan was actually his half-brother. This later knowledge explains why Baba would always try to include Hassan into their activities and that often made Amir jealous. As a form of gaining his dad's affection, Amir triumphed in the kite running contest with help of Hassan. An important conflict happens when Assef, the bully of the block, wanted the kite and Hassan refused to give him it.

"'We're the same, you and I,' he was saying. 'You nursed with him, but you're my twin'" (Hosseini 107).

Amir was in the hospital after almost getting killed by Assef. Amir was dreaming and Assef says those words to him. This quote almost connects to a theme in the book because it categorizes two types of evil: people who do evil things and people who witness evil things and do nothing about it. Amir was the second one, and Assef was the first. Amir makes one simple decision- to not save the life of his half-brother Hassan. Assef sneers, "You nursed with him" refers to how Amir and Hassan fed from the same mother. But they were completely different; Amir was selfish while Hassan would give his world to Amir. In his heart, Amir knows that he's just like Assef- cruel and evil.

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