Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/2 Old Man and the Sea pt1 & Calling out sentence fragments

For our DO NOW, we called out those sentence fragments that front like they are real sentences. They are fake, and should be treated as such.

Our reading of The Old Man and the Sea commenced! Now that we have 1) judged the cover, 2) made connections with the title, and 3) met the narrator, get reading!

SQR NOTES! Only 2 sentences needed for summary and reaction (S+R) sections

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October 2
Part 1 (9-22)
“I wanted to take him fishing but I was too timid to ask him. Then I asked you to ask him and you were too timid.” 

October 3
Part 2 (22-36)
The iridescent bubbles were beautiful. But they were the falsest thing in the sea and the old man loved to see the big sea turtles eating them. 
October 4
Part 3 (36-50)
When once, through my treachery, it had been necessary to him to make a choice, the old man thought. His choice had been to stay in the deep dark water far out beyond all snares and traps and treacheries. 

October 8
Part 4 (50-62) Part 5 (62-75) Part 6 (75-89)
If the boy were here he could rub it for me and loosen it down from the forearm, he thought. But it will loosen up.

Then he was sorry for the great fish that had nothing to eat and his determination to kill him never relaxed in his sorrow for him.

The sea had risen considerably. But it was a fair-weather breeze and he had to have it to get home. “I’ll just steer south and west,” he said. “A man is never lost at sea and it is a long island.” 

October 9
Part 7 (89-101)
Sometimes he lost the scent. But he would pick it up again, or have just a trace of it, and he swam fast and hard on the course. 

October 10
Part 8 (101-114)
“Come on, galano,” the old man said. “Come in again.” The shark came in a rush and the old man hit him as he shut his jaws. 
October 11
Part 9 (114-end)
The end.

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  1. You confused me, on for what part are we doing the SQR for?