Friday, January 23, 2015

1/23 Research Paper classwork (intro on research sources)

Welcome to the ELA 10 research paper!

Today, you will accomplish the following tasks:
1) register for an Evernote account
2) log into Electronic Resources using library card and pin
3) reserve author biography and Bloom Guide from
4) search JSTOR for quality articles

NOTE: if you do not have a library card # or pin, this MUST be remedied ASAP

Task 1

  • check to see if you already have an account, otherwise sign up!
  • notice the elephant icon added to your chrome toolbar

Task 2

NOTE: older books will have more articles from these categories. Newer books will require a search of "general" and "k12" for newspaper and magazine
  • search your novel title, using quotation marks
  • click "full text" to limit search results

Task 3

  • use the BPL search bar to find book length biographies of your author
  • search for "title of novel" and "bloom" to find books of critical articles

  • search for "title of novel" and "understanding" to find books of historical context

  • write down the call # of books so you can check the shelves as there may be other books waiting for you to find! 

Task 4

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