Thursday, May 14, 2015

Boston Photo Story: Final Draft instructions!

Congratulations on giving life to an image of Boston's past. Here are your instructions for wrapping up the project!

1) check that you have uploaded Draft 1 and 2 to
2) check that you have completed Writing Workshop handouts #1-3
3) check your story with 826 Boston tutors (in class or after school), or Mr. Doreian
4) save your story in the correct photo folder: ELA 10 folder-->Boston Writing Project--> Image
  • the story should have a title, your name, and period at the top
  • the file name for the story must be formatted [period, name, title] ex: PERIOD 1 Pat Student "title of story"
5) consider joining the Editorial Board. Applications at back of the room, or here. 10 students will be selected to compile stories, format and illustrate, and create a title for our book! Responsibilities include three after school (2-3pm) meetings May 21, May 26, May 28
[NOTE: Editorial Board members will earn one letter grade (10%) extra credit for Term 4]

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