Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poems, Gothic Story, Culture Vulture, and Film

Yesterday, we did amazing work with our poems. Your questions and reading (TPCASTT) made me appreciate lines and stanzas, and I hope you have a stronger understanding our your poem.

Many of you have asked about the Gothic Stories, and here are some of the best lines from your stories: HERE

To start the editing process, and encourage you to submit your work to the RUBIX literary magazine or Marble Collection, we are going to become part of the Write the World community.

Here is the ONE task to accomplish today!

Sign up for Write The World, and submit your Gothic Story!
1: check e-mail for an invitation (if it isn't there, and tell Mr. Doreian)
2: register for our class group
3: submit your Gothic Story

Here are tasks for the remainder of the period
1: memorize your poem
2: keep working on the TPCASTT chart
3: revise Culture Vulture Response to include research (RRR)
4: schedule time for film project (1 hour of framing/shooting, 3 hours of editing)
5: investigate book selections for Term 2 ROAR (amazon, goodreads, shmoop)

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