Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Classwork 2/3

In looking over your Culture Vultures, the importance of research is evident. When you use Yelp, Trip Advisor, or only two-sentence summaries from Rotten Tomatoes, your response is lacking. The same will be true for the research paper. Lazy research means it will be hard to write (and hard for me to read).

(R)eader Section
-if you have not done so, you MUST mini-conference today with your printed page
-never use a word/reference UNLESS you can define it

(A)uthor Section
-be sure to only include information that can connect with your thematic topic
-direct quote phrases/words, not complete sentences
-The Color PurpleThe Catcher in the RyePride and PrejudiceFahrenheit 4511984 then you MUST get some quality articles from Bloom's Guides. There is a higher research expectation for these classic novels since there is a stronger amount and availability of sources.

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