Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29 Classwork

Because February gave us an extra day (#29), I decided to give some extra days to the research paper!

Aspen Check
1: Term 3 has started, so check that things are copacetic

(H)istory Section
1: print it out for conferences tomorrow (3/1)

"Rough" Draft
1: did you pick up "Putting it all Together" handout from Friday (period 2, that's you!)
2: we've already had lots of rough drafts, but tomorrow be sure to upload a draft to
4: you DO NOT need to include Works Cited
5: 5 pages minimum, 6 pages maximum. If it doesn't connect, cut!

Works Cited
1: print it out for 3/2
2: 8 total sources, 3 book sources

Final Draft
1: printed with perfect MLA formatting by 2pm on 3/4

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