Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3/1 Classwork

Final library day!

Turnitin Drafts 
1: upload ALL of your RASH sections for the individual  and combined sections for the Final Draft

Thesis Statements
1: you need four things: novel title, author, topic, bold present tense verb

a- In Life of Pi, Yann Martel proposes that religious faith is best experienced as an unfolding of multiple stories.

b- Alice Walker, in her award winning novel The Color Purple, addresses traumatic violence against African American women as her characters find hope through giving voice to their stories.

c- Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk's brutally satirical novel, renounces America's consumerism and contends that male identity is corrupted in the pursuit of material possessions.

How to talk about THEME without using the word “theme”? Use these sentence stems:

The author _____________                      
The narrator ______________                  
The novel ______________

Expounds                    Expands                      Justifies                        Denounces                  Illuminates                 Perceives                    Addresses
Diagnose                     Exposes                       Contends                     Depicts                        Contradicts                 Challenges                  Alleges
Presents                      Examines                    Probes                         Questions                    Investigates                Evaluates                    Scrutinizes
Highlights                    Deride                         Negate                        Accentuates               Rationalizes                Illustrates                   Transforms
Validates                     Proposes                     Condemns                   Implies                        Insinuates                   Divulges                      Disputes

Renounces                  Critiques                     Accesses                     Asserts                        Explicates                     Constructs                  Represents

MLA Formatting Exemplar


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