Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3/2 Classwork

I need to offer an apology for some surly and salty attitude this week. My frustrations should never result in making students feel bad for rough draft questions and rough draft research papers. Sorry.

Turnitin Uploads
1: all sections of RASH, and a draft of your combined paper, must be uploaded. Do it!
2: look back at the originality reports- the final draft should be 10-20%. Fewer than 10% means not enough direct quotes; more than 20% means looooooong direct quotes or not enough analysis.

Final Draft
1: you must check your paper using the Final Research Paper Handout.
2: I will not review papers that demonstrate poor reading and application of our handouts: Intro/Conclusions, Putting It All Together, and Research Paper Standards.
3: Please ask good questions about the handouts, but I will not work with papers called "Catcher in the Rye," or that mention the book title in the first sentence, or that do not have a direct/indirect quote in every paragraph

ROAR Proposal
1: don't sleep on your "History of..." book. Propose and start reading!

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