Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Classwork Wednesday and Thursday

We have much, much, much to work on this week. There is no room for idle chatter or distraction.

Antigone Film Editing
  • Download (or register for) editing program (see post below)
  • Import film clips into editing program
  • Trim clips (or have someone trim clips before they are imported)
  • Place trimmed clips into timeline
  • Adjust volume, or add music/voice over
  • Name movie using Antigone page #s and group members (973-974BrandonAmyJuan.mp4)
  • Export as .mp4 or .avi movie
  • Share w/Mr. Doreian via dropbox or Google Drive
Poetry Out Loud
  • Look up definition of confusing words
  • Watch youtube videos of poem recitation 
  • Study Poetry Out Loud exemplars
  • Meet with Mr. Doreian after school on Thursday or Friday
Antigone Take Home Test
  • Register for edmodo (see post below)
  • Complete your study questions, and review background packet
  • Set aside 35 minutes to take the test (due Monday, 12/22)
  • Select and propose a strong novel for your research paper
  • Start reading, and taking ROAR notes

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