Tuesday, April 7, 2015

826 Boston Writing Project: voices from Boston photographs

Dudley Square has changed in the past year: the old Ferdinand furniture store is now home to Boston Public Schools, Tropical Market has a new location and building, and a reimagining of Whittier homes is ready to start construction. We often think things have always been the way they are now, but our neighborhoods reflect decades of change. In viewing photographs of Boston, the city unfolds a past that is often overlooked.

Our writing project is to select photos that tell the story of a street, a park, a building, and people who called Boston their home. We will then compose descriptive poems, narrative stems, spoken dialogue, and film treatments that echo the voices in each photo.    

Images must include at least one person
Photos will be selected by Friday, April 17

Two men use crates as rafts, Whittier St. (1886)

Old Bear cages at Franklin Park (undated)

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