Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Class Work Days: April 15+16

Satire Project
As you put together your poster, remember the goal is to identify the tools that build the satire and explain how laughter addresses a serious topic.

In composing the poster, keep in mind the following guidelines:

The 6x6 Rule (Ms. Stern)
text boxes should only have 6 lines, and only 6 words per line

The 20, 10, 5 Rule
images and text sizes should vary to be read from 20, 10, and 5 feet away

Culture Vulture Project (April 29-May 1)
Register for a prezi account

Experiment with the site, and begin your Culture Vulture presentation (5 minutes of speaking)

Select your best Culture Vulture, check with Mr. Doreian if you can't decide

Presentation Outline
Hook/Introduction (½ minute)
Topic One (1 minute)
Topic Two (2 minutes)
Topic 3/Conclusion (1½ minutes)
-Topics should be separate sections of information, not a narration of plot/event
-Topics should show research, but should not just be a list of facts/dates
-Topics should be interesting to you, and by extension, to the class

1. Remember the 6x6 rule for each slide
2. Use images to accompany text; do not use images as background. You do not want to create a background that distracts your audience
3. Make sure your text is easy to read, size-wise, font-wise, and color-wise
4. Abbreviate your message. Complete sentences are unnecessary and cumbersome to the viewer
5. Too much animation can be annoying. Keep it simple!
6. Your slides should have plenty of unused space. Do not feel compelled to fill empty areas on your slide with unnecessary graphics or text boxes that do not contribute to better understanding. The less clutter, the more powerful your visual message will become
7. Have a visual theme that remains consistent throughout your presentation. Do not switch backgrounds, fonts, animation, etc.
8. Spelling still counts! Spelling (or grammatical) errors are embarrassing when presenting
9. Include citations at the end. Citations are necessary when importing artwork, sound, or video from websites

826 Writing Project (May 4-15)
Send e-mail links of quality Boston photos to Mr. Doreian
Extra credit given if your image is selected!

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