Friday, April 10, 2015

Othello Survey Response

Which class period?

Period 11218.8%
Period 22234.4%
Period 457.8%
Period 52539.1%

Period 1 (+3 points)
The Four Temperaments are used in the play, and it is possible for humans to be consumed by jealousy in a second. If you keep repeating something it can hypnotize someone.
The inner or outer circle conversations because we tend to dwell on one question for a long period of time causing the other questions to lack our attention. It was also hard finding a seat when you are in the out circle, and we couldn't hear most of the inner answers.

The worst part of our "Othello" classwork was asking table/partner questions. I don't think this was effective since my table didn't really do that.

Period 2 (+2 points)
that I am special and I am great

The Socratic test that we had i felt that it was a way to review over the book whilst also giving everyone their own voice interpreting the play

Period 4 (+2 points)
The best part of our "Othello" classwork was the prezi notes and film reading because it allowed me to understand the play better. When we discussed it through the prezi I was able to understand the puns and imagery; when we film read, I understood the play better since I saw it visually.

I did not like the self-directed reading/notes because I would often get lost and I wouldn't understand the play. I also didn't know if I was interpreting the play correctly.

Period 5 (+2 points)
I learned that pity is not love no matter how much you pity someone it still isn't love. I also learned that you cannot believe everything that is being told and if you think you do believe it then it's best that you should confront the issue by yourself instead of having someone else give you information that may not be true.

The worst part of the Othello classwork was the socratic circle. It was enjoyable but it was hard not knowing the questions we got wrong. When going home and trying to study I didn't have a clear understanding of which questions were right or wrong.

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