Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Homework 5/3: Act 2 reading

Nice work with the Iago soliloquy today!

Tonight, we skip ahead to Act 2 as the action moves to Cyprus

Read: Othello 2.1.209-308


1: read a film version
Sea View: https://youtu.be/mmw3vp5Boj0?t=30m17s
Cork: https://youtu.be/8cRuKC0Lezg?t=5m32s

2: use the Pro Tips from our Prezi notes
a) write out two lines and annotate the pronouns [define the antecedents]

b) write out a line that shows when Iago speaks to Roderigo, then speaks to himself/heavens/audience [look for hyphens]

c) write out an echo and explain why the echo is important
Note: if you want to really get into the echoes, search an electronic version...

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