Thursday, May 12, 2016

HW 5/12: final Othello echoes/review for exam

Act 5 Scene 2 Lines 302-355

1: Final Iago lines; Frustratingly ironic
-Why is Iago's final couplet so ironic?
-Why is Iago's final couplet so frustrating?

2: Deus Ex Machina
-What letters are found?
-What information is revealed or confirmed?

3: Follow the echo: "Speak of me as I am"
-What painful irony is found in Othello's wish?

4: Anaphora and contrast
-How does Othello define himself as NOT LIKE (3 traits), and as LIKE (4 traits)

5: Outsider status
-How does Othello argue/emphasize his status as "not Moor"

Study for EXAM on Monday
1) all Prezi notes
2) all Homework or Classwork passages
3) youtube videos
4) remember to bring your book, since its open book

Animated Othello (extra exposition, actual language)

Thug Notes

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